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Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens: Brandon Prust drops gloves, Dion Phaneuf ignores him

Phaneuf was not interested.

Remember when we said this game was about to get even more physical? Dion Phaneuf apparently didn't read that post during intermission.

During this exchange between Phaneuf and Brandon Prust, every signal required for a fight was sent. They stared at each other. There was a shove. Chirps were traded. Naturally, the only move left was the official invitation. So Prust dropped his gloves. (Well, glove.)

And then Phaneuf changed his mind.


You can almost see the thought running through his mind. "Eh, you're not worth my time." Prust looks like he doesn't really know how to respond. He can either pick up his stick and skate away, shove Phaneuf until he accepts the challenge or drop his other glove.

Confused and filled with indecision, Prust ends up trying to do all three at once in what looks like quite the awkward display. At least Phaneuf was nice enough to return the glove.

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