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NHL scores: Gagne scores in Flyers return, Milbury calls Ovechkin a 'baby'

The Canadiens also rolled in Toronto.

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It was a short night in the NHL with two nationally televised games on NBC Sports Network. National viewers got their money's worth. We've got you covered if you happened to be doing something uninteresting last night instead of watching hockey. Which would be anything other than watching hockey.

All The NHL Scores

Get caught up on last night's NHL scores with recaps from our network of SB Nation team blogs. Here's a quick glance at the full night of action:

Flyers 4, Capitals 1

Canadiens 5, Maple Leafs 2

Ducks 5, Predators 1

Kings 2, Red Wings 1

Five Answers

Prior to last night's games, we presented five burning questions regarding the night's action. Here are your cool, soothing answers.

1. Will the Montreal Canadiens continue their eight-game point streak?

Not that the point streak wasn't impressive before, but the Canadiens' 5-2 over the Maple Leafs had to be a big confidence boost for Montreal. Last time the two teams met, the Leafs physically overwhelmed and frustrated the Canadiens to the tune of a 6-0 loss. This time the Leafs came out with the same edge to their game but Montreal didn't waver. It was a good win for a team that is surging right now.

2. Will Mikhail Grabovski need to account for the incident with Max Pacioretty from their last meeting?

Not really. No personal vendettas were avenged on Wednesday, as the two teams decided instead to just throw bodies around at anything that moved.

3. How will the Philadelphia Flyers utilize Simon Gagne?

From Travis Hughes at Broad Street Hockey:

Gagne looked great tonight. Speedy, confident with the puck, like he's been here all along. He slotted in perfectly both on the power play and on a shutdown line with Max Talbot and Sean Couturier. It's been one game, but he looks like a fantastic addition to the lineup. The Flyers were generally just a positive team from the first line to the fourth tonight, but Gagne was certainly part of that mix.

4. Will the Kings extend their winning streak to five games?

The Kings skated off their home ice last night with a 2-1 win over the Red Wings. The win streak is now at five and they have to be happy with their effort down the stretch with two key goals from Jeff Carter and Anze Kopitar.

5. Can the Nashville Predators hold the Anaheim Ducks to less than three goals?

Not hardly. Pekka Rinne was left hung out to dry countless times by his defenders and the Ducks were able to complete crisp tape-to-tape passes anywhere on the ice seemingly at will. It was an embarrassing night for Nashville and yet another strong one for Fasth & Co.

Impact Moment

What moment from last night's games will be making headlines in the coming days?

Mike Milbury's heated dressing-down of Alex Ovechkin was as deserved as it was over the top.

Quote of the Night

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