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Zac Rinaldo fights B.J. Crombeen, leaves a mark

Zac Rinaldo left a mark on B.J. Crombeen in a fight on Tuesday.


Alright, the backstory: Two weeks ago, Flyers defenseman Luke Schenn fought Vincent Lecavalier. The Lightning were not happy, mostly because Lecavalier has been in like two fights in his career -- and one of those fights was famously against Jarome Iginla in the Stanley Cup Finals.

So after the fight, Lightning tough guy B.J. Crombeen stepped out and sought redemption. He didn't get it in that game, but luckily for him, Tampa Bay is in Philadelphia Tuesday night to face the Flyers. It didn't take long for Crombeen to go after Flyers pest Zac Rinaldo as a form of retribution (yes, we realize how little sense this makes considering Rinaldo and Schenn are not the same people).

Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia mics picked up Crombeen asking Rinaldo to fight. The Flyer obliged. In hindsight, Crombeen probably wishes he picked somebody else.

Just brutal. Crombeen was wobbly getting off the ice and the look on his face was actually scary. Of course, the NHL being what it is and concussion safety not being a thing they actually take seriously in practice, Crombeen is back on the bench for the second period at Wells Fargo Center.

Update: Or, scratch that.