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Sidney Crosby hit by puck, Islanders fans cheer

Sidney Crosby took a puck to the face, and fans in Long Island expressed their "sympathies."

Hockey's great, isn't it? Frozen rubber pucks routinely travel near 100 miles an hour, and players are expected to stand right in front of them all game long - and if you wear a visor, people think you're weak.

Early in the second period of the Penguins game against the Islanders, Sidney Crosby (who DOES a wear a visor, not that it mattered much here) got his face in the way of a teammate's shot.

At least he could feel better knowing he had an entire arena full of fans wishing him well.

Though it looked scary - and anything involving violence being done to Sidney's head has to make Pittsburgh fans squirm - Crosby didn't miss much time with his injury. He returned to the ice and was taking regular shifts before the period was over. The fact that the injury wasn't more serious is good news for Pittsburgh and Crosby.