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Blackhawks vs. Sharks: Refs blow call on Andrew Desjardins hit

Andrew Desjardins got 15 minutes in penalties when what he really deserved was a pat on the back.

In the middle of the second period of the Blackhawks-Sharks game Tuesday night, Andrew Desjardins took Jamal Mayers down with a giant, clean hit, and then got jumped by Duncan Keith for his trouble.

Keith received five minutes for fighting, two minutes for instigating, two minutes for his visor, and a misconduct.

Desjardins received five minutes for fighting and a 10-minute misconduct for hitting Mayers in the head. As you can clearly see in the video above, that was a totally ridiculous call. Desjardins hit Mayers square in the shoulder. His hit could be used as an example by the league of the type of clean, hard hit that is perfectly in keeping with the rules. Mayers wasn't hurt on the play, and didn't undergo any of the observation that normally accompanies a hit to the head -- which all makes perfect sense, because he wasn't hit in the head. At all. Not even a little bit.

Who could have guessed that the biggest impact of the lockout would be the league officials completely forgetting how to do their jobs?

Update: Kevin Kurz of CSN reports that San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson stated after the game that the league has rescinded the match penalty against Desjardins.