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Center Ice to televise all of Hockey Day in Canada this year (UPDATED)

Center Ice will give American viewers 13 hours of the weirdest, loveliest day on Canadian television.


One of the questions I still get weirdly frequently is "why doesn't the NHL Network still televise both games of the Hockey Night in Canada doubleheader every week?" I say it's a weird question because NHL Network hasn't done this in three or four years, and the answers been given numerous times. The NHL Network likes the idea of having their flagship highlights show up and running at 10 p.m. ET on what is typically the league's most active night of the week, so you'll hand us over your hard earned cash to see that game, thank you very much.

Similarly complicated is the network's relationship with Hockey Day in Canada, the annual, bizarre, daylong trip into Canadiana and a nation's favorite obsession. NHL Network has aired it in bits and pieces over the years. This year, for what I believe is the first time ever, the network will air the entire proceedings live this Saturday, Feb. 9.

Among the things American hockey fans will find adorable, be perplexed by, or delighted with: a tripleheader featuring all seven Canadian teams, A total of four and a half hours of interstitial programming and everything else that goes along with the CBC's once-a-year event, which will be held in Peterborough, Ontario this year.

So enjoy, my fellow Americans, you get to appreciate that you live in a country that doesn't love hockey nearly as much for a full day. Never fear, however, as Hockey Day in America is just a week later!

UPDATE: So, that news story we linked to has gone down completely, and is now no longer available. I looked into that, and a spokesperson for NHL Network says that the network is not going to be airing Hockey Day in Canada, save for the 7 p.m. ET Toronto-Montreal game. Center Ice, however, will be airing the whole show starting at 12 p.m. ET.