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Ice coolant spill, rain threaten outdoor hockey game

Oh, the perils of outdoor hockey.


The U.S. Hockey League held their first ever outdoor hockey game today at the TD Ameritrade Park baseball field in Omaha, Nebraska. The Omaha Lancers defeated the Lincoln Stars 4-2, but it seems the real loser in all of this was the ice.

It's a crisp 48 degrees in Omaha right now. So here's what the ice looked like after the USHL game:

It looks like someone spilled their blue raspberry Sonic slushie all over the ice. Problem was, the University of Nebraska-Omaha and the University of North Dakota were scheduled to play in the Mutual of Omaha's "Battles on Ice" game immediately afterwards.

The ice troubles caused a game delay while a zamboni sped across the ice trying to freeze the water before play (never a good sign). And then it got ugly:

And now there are reports of rain. For an outdoor hockey game this is what we would call a "nightmare" scenario.

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