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Bruins vs. Senators: Chris Neil injures Chris Kelly with knee-on-knee hit

No penalty was called, but Kelly left the ice in considerable pain.

If you were expecting some sort of retribution from Chris Neil for Adam McQuaid's boarding penalty on him earlier: congratulations?

Instead of McQuaid paying for his transgressions, Chris Kelly received punishment from Neil when the two collided at center ice. Neil appeared to lift his leg up ever so slightly and the two players' knees crashed into each other, causing Kelly to crumple to the ice in pain. There was no penalty called on Neil, and Kelly had to be helped off the ice.

I seriously doubt that this play had anything to do with the earlier incident, but I am surprised there wasn't any sort of penalty called for what was at the very least a dangerous play, if not dirty. Keep in mind that the two are former teammates and apparently still good friends. The Boston and Ottawa media predictably seem to be split on whether it was a dirty play or not, but what say you?

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