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Corey Perry makes violent hit to the head on Jason Zucker

Expect the NHL to come down hard on Perry for this one.

Scary moment in Minnesota tonight, as Corey Perry laid a hit on Jason Zucker that will likely get him suspended by the NHL.

Zucker, chasing the puck into his own zone, turned his head to pass the puck back to a teammate. At that exact moment, Perry came charging in and nailed Zucker with a violent hit to the head. Zucker's head snapped back and he fell to the ice, where he lay motionless for a while as trainers attended to him. Perry was immediately thrown out of the game with a game misconduct and a five-minute interference major. Zucker eventually sat up and was helped off the ice to the locker room.

Pardon me entering my own opinion on this, but I don't see how the NHL can look at that and not decide to suspend Perry for a decent number of games. Intent was there, and the principle point of contact was the head. Either way, here's hoping that Zucker is all right after that scary moment.

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