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Corey Perry denies ill intent on hit to Jason Zucker's head

Corey Perry: "I don’t go out there looking to hurt guys. That’s not the way I am. That’s not me as a person."

Jeff Gross

There's still no word on Jason Zucker's status after getting viciously hit in the head by Corey Perry earlier tonight, but one has to guess that he's suffering some serious pain right now. For his part, Perry denies that the hit to Zucker's head was intentional.

Perry told reporters after the game that he didn't intend to hurt Zucker on the play, saying that he isn't that sort of player: "No. I don’t go out there looking to hurt guys," he said. "That’s not the way I am. That’s not me as a person."

Perry also said that he tried to let up before he made contact with Zucker, saying that he was "committed to the hit" and that the play happened very fast. He also had remorse for the play, saying he told the dressing room attendant to tell Zucker that he's sorry.

Whether that was damage control or true remorse will be left up to NHL discipline enforcer Brendan Shanahan to decide.

Here's video of Perry's comments from Eric Stephens of the Orange County Register:

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