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NHL trade rumors: Ryan Miller on the move? Blue Jackets, Oilers look to hold onto youth

A daily roundup of trade rumors in the NHL (remember, rumors are not always reports). Wednesday's edition includes the Sabres willingness to move players, Jarome Iginla interest and young teams remaining young.

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*As we noted Tuesday, rumblings of Ryan Miller's time in Buffalo coming to an end have started to pick up. Much of it appears to be media-driven at this time, but who ever knows for sure? Nick Kypreos adamantly claimed on Tuesday night that Miller would not get an extension after his contract ends following next season.

* Bucky Gleason of the Buffalo News added his take on the situation and stated that Miller might not be the only Sabre on the move:

Miller, Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville each have one full season on their contracts before they're eligible for unrestricted free agency [...] It would be painful, but the Sabres should consider trading them in a lost season and maximize their return. It beats losing them for nothing or getting less back next season. For now, they remain valuable assets.

* Edmonton Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini can relate to the situation the Buffalo Sabres will potentially face in the future. With that in mind, Tambellini is weighing the odds of what to do with his club in order to make it better. Whatever course of action he decides on, it likely won't involve giving up the team's young talent, via the Edmonton Journal:

"Whether you're in the playoffs or not, if you can upgrade your team or improve it, we'll do that, but most of the people here are the people we're going to be counting on for some time. You're not going to give up youth just for a quick fix there, that's for sure."

As has been noted for some time, many believe Ryan Whitney is a player the Oilers are going to move prior to the deadline.

* The Columbus Blue Jackets are in a similar situation as the Oilers and are thinking more about the future than the present. Newly appointed general manager Jarmo Kekalainen also stated that he plans to be economical with his pieces and is still evaluating what he has before pulling the trigger on a deal, via ESPN:

"You have time until the deadline to make moves to try to improve your team for this season, but also beyond that, and we're going to use all that time to evaluate what we have in here and what we have that potentially could help us if we're talking to other teams," Kekalainen said. "I would always stay away from making any moves that are based on urgency and that are reacting to the situation at hand."

* Rob Rossi continues to state that the Pittsburgh Penguins are interested in Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla. However, he believes it is solely based on Iginla wanting to leave, which isn't a definite. In return, Rossi believes that Flames would want defenseman Simon Despres, which the Penguins probably wouldn't do for a rental.

Rossi remains firm that the team is also looking for a defensive-defenseman as well as a forward to compliment the third or fourth forward lines.

* In addition to Pittsburgh, the Boston Bruins are a team that has been linked to Iginla over the past few weeks. On Tuesday night, Jimmy Murphy tweeted that the Bruins are interested in San Jose Sharks forward Ryanne Clowe. Clowe has been rumored as being available. However, Murphy hears the asking price is a first-round pick and a prospect, which is too high for the Bruins.

He also stated that Paul Gaustad might be available and potentially would be a player of interest for several teams, including Boston.

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