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Red Wings vs. Flames: Jonas Gustavsson is bad

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The Red Wings goalie collapsed in the third period, along with the rest of his team.

Mike Ridewood

And things were going so well for the Red Wings, too.

Detroit and Calgary were tied at two to start the third period of Wednesday night's game, and the Red Wings had held the Flames to only eleven shots. In his return from injury, Valtteri Filppula had scored the Red Wings' first road power play goal in a long, long time, and everything seemed to be going Detroit's way.

Then Red Wings goaltender Jonas Gustavsson must have seen his reflection in the ice or something, remembered who he was, and started playing really, really poorly.

The Red Wings committed several defensive miscues and bad giveaways in the third period (including one from the aforementioned Filppula) and every single mistake led to a puck going into the net past Gustavsson, who finished the night with seventeen saves on twenty-two shots.

Gustavsson is nicknamed "The Monster" ... because watching him play is horrifying.

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