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Sidney Crosby gets Rock Bottomed

Crosby was the victim of an unorthodox play by a Toronto defenseman.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

When the NHL's leading scorer Sidney Crosby is near your net and you're in charge of defending him, sometimes you have to take extreme measures.

That's what Toronto defenseman Mark Fraser did in the second period of the Maple Leafs-Penguins game. Fraser lost his stick just as Crosby was getting the puck, so he had to think quickly to prevent disaster. Fraser pinned Crosby along the boards, put his hand on the superstar's chest, and slammed him down to the ice.

Although rarely seen in hockey, this kind of move might be familiar to you if you're a wrestling fan, as @mlse pointed out on Twitter:


No penalty was called on the play, so hopefully everyone starts doing this to Sidney Crosby all the time.

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