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Kings vs. Blackhawks: Drew Doughty dekes past everyone to set-up last-second goal

Doughty's amazing assist came with just 0.5 left on the clock.


If you're wondering why Twitter erupted with tweets like "OMG DREW DOUGHTY" on Monday, here's your answer.

Patrick Kane gave the Blackhawks the lead with a pretty goal with just seconds left in the second period, and the Hawks must have thought the Kings were content with just letting the period finish itself out.

Instead, Drew Doughty carried the puck past, through, around, over and under the entire Chicago Blackhawks' squad to set-up Dwight King's goal with just 0.5 seconds left in the period. It was one of the prettiest goals of the year and it left the entire arena stunned. And probably grumbling.

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