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Flyers vs. Rangers: Wayne Simmonds takes puck to the face

You guessed it: He wasn't wearing a visor.

Bruce Bennett

Wednesday might go down as the night the Philadelphia Flyers officially said goodbye to their playoff hopes.

The Flyers, already down 2-0, might've lost one of their top scorers to a bad injury when Wayne Simmonds was hit in the face by a shot from his teammate, Luke Schenn. As you have probably guessed by now, he was not wearing a visor.


Here's another shot of it. You can tell that Simmonds really had no time to react at all.


Simmonds finally managed to get up on his skates and leave the ice for the dressing room. At this point he hasn't returned and the Flyers haven't updated the media on his status. Philadelphia can only hope that he isn't out with injury for too long.

Derek Stepan scored soon after the injury to make it 3-0 for the Rangers, rubbing more salt in the ever-growing wound that is the Philadelphia Flyers' 2013 season.

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