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NHL trade rumors: Miikka Kiprusoff has no intention of playing next season

Apparently, Miikka Kiprusoff has no intentions of playing beyond this season.

Justin K. Aller

Calgary Flames goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff has no intentions of playing out the final year of his contract, according to Mike Keenan in an interview with Brady and Lang on Wednesday morning.

Keenan was the head coach of the Flames when Kiprusoff signed the six-year, $35 million contract under which he is currently playing. According to Keenan, it was a known component during the negotiations that Kiprusoff did not intend to play the final year of the deal and planned to return to his native Finland.

The final year of Kiprusoff's contract does drastically decrease in terms of actual salary compared to the previous five years of the deal, dropping from $5 million to $1.5 million.Whether general manager Jay Feaster is aware of this dynamic of the negotiation remains to be seen, as Los Angeles Kings head coach Darryl Sutter was the franchise's general manager during the signing of that deal.

Earlier this week, Kiprusoff was mentioned as a piece the team might look to move prior to the deadline. However, that was halted on Tuesday night when it surfaced that Kiprusoff informed management he would not report to another team in the event that he was traded.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Flames and Kiprusoff have opted not to comment on the accuracy of the report.

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