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LeBron unable to overcome Patrick Kane

Kane brought his negative streak karma to the Heat game on Wednesday.

Jonathan Daniel

As you've probably heard by now, the Miami Heat's incredible 27-game win streak came to a crushing end against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday.

As you've also probably heard, the Heat weren't the first pro sports team to go on a crazy streak this year. The Chicago Blackhawks had a record-breaking 24-game point streak going at one point this season. That particular feat ended a few weeks ago, and the Blackhawks have been struggling to find the same level of consistency since.

So you're probably wondering what any of that has to do with why the Heat lost. Here's why it matters:

Patrick Kane brought his negative streak karma to the Heat game. And he was wearing a Chicago Cubs hat. The Cubs are in the middle of a 105-year World Series-less streak. And Kane TOUCHED LEBRON.

Heat fans, you have your scapegoat.

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