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Panthers vs. Capitals: Tyson Strachan hits Jason Chimera in the head

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Sound the gong of suspension!

Justin K. Aller

Tyson Strachan of the Florida Panthers is a bad man.

Well, maybe not. I don't know him personally. But this was a dirty, dangerous hit on the Capitals' Jason Chimera, and Strachan should be ashamed of himself.

Strachan received a five minute major for interference and a ten minute misconduct, and there's an excellent change he'll be hearing from league officials about the whole "obviously targeting the head" aspect of this play.


The Panthers were very likely frustrated at this point, down 4-0 and on their way to a 7-1 loss, but that's no excuse for something like this. If you're looking to make a big hit to fire up your team then that's great, but don't make it dirty, put your team on the penalty kill, and go and get yourself suspended.

Chimera returned to the ice after a short absence, because the National Hockey League really doesn't care about head injuries that much.

(Credit to HockeyVideoHD for the video)

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