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Rangers vs. Flyers: Brayden Schenn slashed in the groin by Carl Hagelin

Ow. Not cool, bro.

Tom Szczerbowski

The most serious penalties in hockey are typically reserved for hits to the head, but every male out there knows that there's another region that has just as much rule protection, if not more.

Carl Hagelin has no respect for that special area.

"That's a bit of a how-do-you-do from behind in the least-opportune place to have somebody make an introduction to."

That's certainly a very delicate way to put it. It's also a very poorly-constructed sentence, but whatever, it's live TV.

No penalty was called on the play, and the slash certainly didn't seem intentional -- but that isn't going to make Brayden Schenn feel any better about things.

Once the NHL finally takes some serious steps to eliminate head-shots, the next area of player safety that needs to be addressed is clear. Where's the quiet room for groin injuries, I ask you?

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