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Devils vs. Flyers: New Jersey fans don head-bags as winless streak stretches on

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Devils fans are finally reaching their breaking point.

Jim McIsaac

With their winless streak now stretching to 10 games and their playoff hopes extinguished just a year after making the Stanley Cup Finals, the New Jersey Devils are enduring some tough times. With a lingering injury to Ilya Kovalchuk derailing their entire offense, it's not a fun time to play for the Devils ... or to be one of their fans:

Unable to endure the shame and misery any longer, New Jersey fans watching the Devils play in Philadelphia took to wearing bags over their heads, Unknown Comic-style. They looked on in paper-faced solemnity as the Devils warmed up, bleak brown reminders of how far the Devils have fallen this year.

New Jersey leads the game by a score of 1-0 midway through the contest. It remains to be seen if an ultimately-meaningless victory is enough to banish the bags.

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