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Tyler Seguin tweets 'no homo' about friend's video, apologizes

The You Can Play Project's founder plans to meet with Seguin.

Richard Wolowicz

Tyler Seguin is in some hot water after an insensitive tweet on Monday night.

Apparently two people Seguin know are featured in a new music video by the rapper Slaine. Seguin retweeted the video, saying he was moved by it, and used a homophobic phrase.

This is horribly bad timing for an NHL player to be tweeting something like that, considering the league recently partnered with the You Can Play Project to help to continue education and support of the LGBT community (particularly within the sporting community).

YCP's founder, Patrick Burke, announced on Twitter that he's already planning on meeting with Seguin and the Bruins about the tweet. He even offered some context on why the phrase is offensive and tried to help calm the storm of tweets directed at Seguin.

For his part, Seguin immediately deleted the tweet and offered this apology:

But is this the last we'll hear about this incident?

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