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Brian Burke suing 'SLOBBERFACE', other Internet commenters for defamation

The unidentified commenters allegedly spread false rumors about the reason for Burke's firing in Toronto.

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Bruce Bennett

Former Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke is suing a number of unidentified Internet commenters for defamation regarding his firing in January.

The lawsuit filed in the British Columbia Supreme Court on Friday claims the commenters "have spread lies about Brian over the Internet," namely that Burke was fired by the Maple Leafs due to a sexual relationship with a female reporter. The commenters have also apparently alleged he is the father of her child.

The commenters allegedly spread these rumors on Internet bulletin boards, emails and social media, and the lawsuit essentially claims that Burke's reputation has been harmed throughout North America. Burke is suing for damages and an injunction that would prevent the commenters from posting any other "defamatory statements" online.

This is a list of the defendants named in the lawsuit:


Well then. You can read the entire lawsuit here.

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