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Lightning vs. Capitals: Ben Bishop robs Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin nearly had his 25th goal of the year.


Ben Bishop stopped the league's hottest scorer and kept his team alive, all in one huge save.

Alex Ovechkin came into Sunday night with 19 points in the last 11 games, and immediately scored his 24th goal early in the third period. So he's kinda in the zone right now.

He would've had his 25th if not for some outstanding goaltending from Bishop in the third period. Bishop stopped two Nicklas Backstrom shots in tight but gave up a juicy rebound to the waiting Ovechkin. Somehow, the Lightning netminder sprawled out to make the improbable glove save. Maybe next time, Ovie. The Lightning still trail Washington by a goal, as it's 3-2 with just minutes left in the game.

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