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Bruins vs. Maple Leafs, Game 1 Recap: Boston trounces Toronto

The Boston Bruins dominated all but the first two minutes of their game against the Maple Leafs.


The Toronto Maple Leafs got off to a strong start to their first playoff game in nine years, when James van Riemsdyk scored on the powerplay in the game's first two minutes.

Unfortunately for the Leafs, it was all downhill from there. Boston took over the game and scored four unanswered goals, out-shooting the Leafs 40-20 on a night in which the Bruins looked like the better team in every conceivable way.

Look for physical play to play a huge role as this series continues. There was an elbow from Andrew Ference in the first period that might incur league discipline, and late in the contest Colton Orr tried to turn the game into a goon-fest and was thrown out with a misconduct for his efforts. The Leafs were also going after Zdeno Chara all night, obviously looking to get the imposing defenseman off his game, but the Bruins captain kept his focus and didn't bite.

The Bruins really looked to take their game up to that "second level" you hear so much about in the playoffs. They played their best game in weeks -- maybe months -- and only got better as the game continued. Toronto is going to have to find a way to step up their play in a hurry, or this is going to be a brief return to the postseason for the Leafs.

Here are the three questions we were looking to answer in tonight's game:

1. Will Tyler Bozak be able to take face-offs?

Bozak played more than 17 minutes and won 57 percent of his face-offs, so that's a bright spot for the Leafs.

2. Phil Kessel. Anything and everything about Phil Kessel.

Kessel was a complete and total non-factor. He played 13:51 in the game and managed a single shot.

3. How will Tuukka Rask and Reimer perform?

Tuukka Rask was rock solid after giving up an early powerplay goal, stopping 19 of Toronto's 20 shots overall. James Reimer was busier, stopping 36 of 40 shots, and looked decent -- though Boston's first goal of the night looked a bit ... weak.


That's Wade Redden scoring his first playoff goal since 2007 on Reimer. I guess there was sort of a screen on the play there but ... still. It's Wade Redden.

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