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Red Wings vs. Blackhawks Game 1 update: Chicago turns up the heat in 2nd

The Blackhawks dictated the play in the second period, but couldn't get a go-ahead goal.

Ronald Martinez

The Chicago Blackhawks turned up the pressure in the second period against the Detroit Red Wings, but the period ended with the score still tied, 1-1.

The physical play that started in the first continued in the middle frame, and this series is already shaping up to be a bruising one. Justin Abdelkader and Dave Bolland had been going at each other all night, and their battle eventually led to this confrontation:


Abdelkader took a roughing penalty on the play, and Bolland got two minutes for slashing.

Jimmy Howard had a nice save for the Red Wings with time winding down in the second period. He robbed Marian Hossa, who was looking for his second goal of the night:


The Blackhawks dominated in shots in the second period, 17-5, and had the overall advantage, 23-12, after forty minutes. Thanks to strong play from Howard, though, the period ended with the score still tied at one.

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