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Penguins vs. Senators: Evgeni Malkin shows his displeasure to the camera

Evgeni Malkin can see into your living room, and he's not pleased.

What are YOU looking at?
What are YOU looking at?

With two seconds remaining in the first period of Game 3 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators, Ottawa's Marc Methot took a tripping penalty when he tangled up Evgeni Malkin and sent the Pittsburgh star crashing into the net on a scoring chance.

The net camera caught Malkin's reaction up close, and it was glorious:


Malkin was mad, and he let the officials know it after he managed to climb out of the net. The Penguins felt that Methot's last-second takedown should have been a penalty shot, and captain Sidney Crosby spent several minutes after the final whistle discussing it with the officials, but it was just a regular old tripping penalty instead.

The Penguins failed to score on their power play at the start of the second period, even though it involved a brief 5-on-3 opportunity. If you want to know how Malkin feels about that, just watch the above GIF a few more times.

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