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Did the Dallas Stars new logos leak?

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It appears as though the new Dallas Stars logo has leaked.

The Dallas Stars new logo apparently leaked on Thursday, when fans noticed a new logo on the team's official cell phone application. Located under the "Wallpaper" section, a circular logo with a 'D' superimposed on a star was available as an option. It is believed to be the shoulder patch design for the team's new uniforms, while the 'D' with the star is likely the crest on the sweaters.

The Stars are scheduled to introduce a re-branding on June 4, that will include a new logo and jersey pack. If these leaks are authentic (which they appear to be), the Stars have decided to alter the shade of green previously in their logo, as well as eliminate the gold accents.

When asked for comment by Brandon Worley of SB Nation's Stars' blog, Defending Big D, the team released the following statement:

"We will officially unveil our new logo and uniforms on June 4th at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Beyond that, we have no comment."

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