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Marc Staal does not expect injured eye to fully heal

Marc Staal updated his status on Monday afternoon.

Bruce Bennett

New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal does not expect his right eye to ever fully heal. Staal addressed the media during locker clean-out day on Monday afternoon and updated his status.

The Rangers defenseman sustained an orbital bone fracture after being hit in the face with a deflected shot against the Philadelphia Flyers in March. Staal was out for the remainder of the regular season and was only able to play in one playoff game after the injury. Apparently, the puck caused a tear in his eye, which resulted in cramping and disorientation.

While he believes the eye will not fully heal, Staal expects to be able to play at the same level as he did prior to the injury. He confirmed that he was feeling improved this week.

In addition, he stated that he voted in a poll by the NHL Players' Association to make visors mandatory for all players immediately. He was not wearing a visor at the time of the incident.

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