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Avalanche consider trading No. 1 draft pick, Patrick Roy handling trade calls

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Patrick Roy says the Avalanche are considering the possibility of trading the No. 1 overall selection in June's draft. In addition, he'll be the one negotiating the trades.

Doug Pensinger

When Patrick Roy was announced as the new head coach and vice president of hockey operations with the Colorado Avalanche, many wondered when the historically animated player would put those characteristics on display.

Shortly after the conclusion of his introductory press conference on Tuesday, the answer became clear.

Roy openly stated that he has brought up the concept of the Avalanche trading the No. 1 overall selection in June's NHL Draft. In addition, multiple reports have indicated that Roy will be handling all trade negotiations, which means general manager Greg Sherman will act in a bookkeeping role by handling the salary cap and other non-player personel responsibilities.

While Joe Sakic will have the final say on any decision, it appears as though this is Roy's show to run. After retiring from the NHL, Roy became the coach, co-owner and general manager of the Quebec Ramparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. He does have quite a few years of experience at the junior level, which certainly can't hurt in his transition to the NHL level. Of course, whether that experience translates is still unknown.

As Roy said during his introductory press conference, every coach has to start somewhere. It just happens that this coach will begin his tenure with an exorbitant amount of power compared to his contemporaries.

In the event that the franchise is dissatisfied with the way Roy operates, they will have a way out. Roy has agreed to a four-year non-guaranteed contract, according to Renaud Lavoie of RDS. This means that if the Avalanche fire Roy, the team will no longer have to pay him beyond his service.

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