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Islanders vs. Penguins Game 4: Fan tosses bottle at Evgeni Nabokov, for some reason

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Toss something on to the ice, get ejected. Nice job, Mr. Fan.

Don't do this, who ever you are.
Don't do this, who ever you are.

Game 4 between the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins has been a tough, intense, high-scoring affair. It also "featured" a bizarre moment where a fan threw a bottle on the ice that landed in Evgeni Nabokov's crease.

Whether the fan was protesting some perceived officiating injustice or Nabokov's save percentage in this series is unclear.


Fortunately it didn't affect play, no one was hurt, and according to the NBC broadcast, the "fan" was identified by Nassau Coliseum security immediately and ejected. Nabokov swept the bottle away to the boards, where a linesman picked it up as play contineud.

Sure hope the cash for that ticket was worth just two periods of action.

And that's before accounting for the loss of that snazzy bottle.

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