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Senators vs. Canadiens: Mika Zibanejad's goal stands despite lengthy review

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Officials cited the lack of a distinct kicking motion as the reason for letting it stand.


Mika Zibanejad made things very interesting in the third period of Game 4 when he deflected the puck off his skate past Carey Price to bring the Senators within a goal of the lead.

But was it a legal goal?

Here's the play in gif form:


And here's the official explanation from NHL's Hockey Ops:

At 11:55 of the third period in the Canadiens/Senators game, video review upheld the referee's call on the ice that the puck deflected off Mika Zibanejad's left skate and into the net in a legal fashion. Good goal Ottawa.

According to Rule 49.2 "A puck that deflects into the net off an attacking player's skate who does not use a distinct kicking motion is a legitimate goal."

The play was about as borderline as you can get, but the officials got it right. If there was a kicking motion, it was indistinguishable from the momentum of his legs as he stopped on a dime. Therefore, not distinct, and a goal.

Of course, what do I know? What do you think?

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