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Marc Fraser is a bloody mess after taking a puck to the face

Hockey can be a dangerous and messy game.

Claus Andersen

Warning: This article contains blood.

Midway through the third period of game four between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto defenseman Mark Fraser was the unlucky recipient of a puck fired by Milan Lucic. It caught him right in the side of the forehead:


Fraser doesn't wear a protective visor and went down to the ice bleeding. He would eventually head to the dressing room, assisted by a trainer.

His injury left blood on the ice, which some lucky arena employee had to scrape up:


There have been quite a few dangerous puck-to-face situations this season in the NHL, including incidents involving Alexander Steen, Wayne Simmonds, Andrew Shaw, and, most famously, the injury that nearly blinded Marc Staal. With this recent rash of frightening injuries, expect the visor debate to be a hot-topic this off-season.

UPDATE: Fraser might be okay, but probably won't be playing again tonight:

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