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Zdeno Chara punishes Bryan Bickell

Things got intense in the final minute of Game 3.


As the final minute of the Boston Bruins' Game 3 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks wound down, the physical play intensified. The frustrated Blackhawks were crashing the net and throwing their weight around, and a scrum was all but inevitable.

Brad Marchand and Andrew Shaw went at each other in a fairly even scrap:


But most of the attention after the game was focused on Zdeno Chara's powerful takedown of Bryan Bickell. Chara's elbow caught Bickell in the face to start the encounter, and Bickell responded by pulling on Chara's jersey as he fell. But there's a reason "Don't tug on Superman's cape" is a well-known saying:


Yikes. Bickell may want to be more careful about who he agitates next time.

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