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Stanley Cup Final: Boston crowd gives Gary Bettman the boos he deserves

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The Boston crowd acted on the behalf of hockey fans everywhere after Game 6, shouting a relentless chorus of boos at Gary Bettman as he awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy and the Stanley Cup.

Bruce Bennett

BOSTON -- Two weeks ago, at the start of the Stanley Cup Final, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman taunted us when asked if he'd be presenting the Cup to the winning captain as has become tradition during his reign as the league's boss. A simple Bettman smirk and an affirmative answer was all it took to enrage just about everybody watching.

Everybody agrees that Bettman shouldn't be presenting the Cup anymore -- not after he's played his part in robbing hockey fans of roughly two full seasons of NHL hockey across three lockouts in 20 years -- but the nice part of it is that when he does do this, it's the perfect opportunity to let both him and the league know how we feel.

Boston fans were already a bit angry with the outcome on Monday night following Game 6, but we imagine their response would have gone roughly like this even if it were their team hoisting the Cup on the TD Garden ice. Not even a mention of the achievements of these Bruins were enough to calm the relentless boos from the crowd.

Thanks for being our surrogates, Bruins fans.

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