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Patrice Bergeron injury: Bruins F hospitalized with punctured lung

Patrice Bergeron ended the season with a multitude of injuries and, on Wednesday, general manager Peter Chiarelli added a punctured lung to the list.

Bruce Bennett

Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron reportedly has a small hole in his lung, Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli told the media on Wednesday afternoon.

The Bruins announced that Bergeron wasn't going to be available to the media for end-of-season interviews because he was hospitalized following the conclusion of Monday night's Stanley Cup Final. Bergeron sustained a broken rib and tore cartilage in Game 5 before separating his shoulder in Game 6.

Despite those injuries, it remained unclear what would've required Bergeron to remain in the hospital overnight.

This development is merely another amazing revelation about what Bergeron was playing through because, according to Chiarelli, Bergeron had a nerve frozen to play through the pain in Game 6. Chiarelli doesn't believe that the small puncture in his lung occurred during Game 6 so how the puncture actually occurred remains to be seen.

For those wondering, by the way, Chiarelli said Bergeron is "fine" despite all of the injuries and the hole in his lung.

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