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Jeremy Roenick blasts Ilya Kovalchuk on Twitter

Jeremy Roenick has facts *and* opinions to share about Thursday's big NHL news.

Christian Petersen

New Jersey Devils forward Ilya Kovalchuk announced on Thursday he is retiring from the NHL and walking away from the final 12 years and $77 million on his contract to play in Russia. The announcement was stunning, but no one was more surprised and offended than Jeremy Roenick.

The former NHL superstar took to Twitter, as folks are often wont to do, to voice his opinion shortly after Kovalchuk made his announcement.

(Unless Roenick is speaking in reference to a different "Aaron Hernandez," here's a reminder of what the assumed subject has been charged with.)

As can be assumed of someone who has 197,000 followers, plenty of folks replied to Roenick's diatribe with thoughts of their own. And as can be assumed of someone who is named Jeremy Roenick, he responded to many of them with equal vigor and vitriol.

Sick burn, bro.

A pattern has emerged. Roenick's argument, across the board, seems to be no deeper than, and I'm paraphrasing: "You suck." He is consistent, so there is that.

Roenick seems to have a particular disdain for Jorge.

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