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Sabres struggling to trade Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, says GM

Sabres manager Darcy Regier has struggled to find the right deals for Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek.

Jeff Gross

The Buffalo Sabres have been attempting to trade forward Thomas Vanek and goaltender Ryan Miller this offseason but have failed to find the right deals, according to manager Darcy Regier.

Regier provided media availability during the second intermission of the team's prospect scrimmage on Friday and stated that he has been fielding calls on the two players. However, issues have complicated Regier's ability to strike an attractive deal. The biggest one being the declining $64.3 million salary cap in 2013-14.

According to Regier, teams are seeking financial relief in any deal involving Miller or Vanek, via Die by the Blade:

"Any discussion that I have now involves taking back money, moving plays a very big role," said the GM.

The manager also stated that the closer it gets to training camp, the more likely it is that both players start the year on the Sabres roster. This would likely mean a diminished return on any potential deal that could be worked out in the future.

Miller and Vanek are both entering the final years of their contracts and will become unrestricted free agents next summer. Buffalo is heading towards a complete rebuild, which likely doesn't include/interest either Miller or Vanek. The Sabres have openly expressed a desire to reconstruct the roster through the draft. Moving established players like Miller and/or Vanek likely would generate an influx of prospects/selections in future drafts.

This is contingent upon Regier finding a team of interest, which apparently hasn't been easy. The longer it drags on, the fewer games Miller and Vanek have to play with a new team. This is why the return might diminish over time. Of course, the landscape might be different around the trade deadline and the Sabres could still receive a quality return on their expiring assets.

Time will tell whether that is the case.

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