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Teemu Selanne met with Ducks GM, according to report

Teemu Selanne reportedly met with Anaheim Ducks manager Bob Murray on Tuesday.

Marianne Helm

Teemu Selanne could be nearing a decision regarding his return to the NHL. The 43-year-old forward met with Anaheim Ducks manager Bob Murray to discuss a contract extension on Tuesday, according to a report by Timo Kunnari of MTV 3 Finland.

A translated summary of the update was tweeted by Janne Virtanen, which states that Selanne left his summer vacation in Finland to travel to Anaheim to meet with Murray. The primary point of discussion, at least as detailed in Kunnari's report, revolved around what Selanne's role would be with the club. This apparently involved discussion about how head coach Bruce Boudreau planned to utilize him during the 2013-14 season.

All things considered, it's not a surprising dynamic to Selanne's potential return. He is a player who has played a lot of important minutes over the course of his career. If he is going to go through the grueling work of training for a full NHL season, he likely wants assurance that he will be able to play with top-six caliber line mates and spend a considerable amount of time on the power play.

In a speculative sense, it appears as though Selanne will be returning for another season. The Ducks have made it known that they want him back if he wants to be back. Selanne traveling to Anaheim is a pretty strong indicator that he has some level of motivation to return.

Rumors have circulated about Selanne potentially signing with a new team, so assuming that he will play in Anaheim next season isn't a foregone conclusion. However, the team was competitive last season and has the potential to be so again this season.

Anaheim has $4.3 million in cap space, according to Selanne earned a pro-rated $4.5 million in 2013.

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