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Mikhail Grabovski rumors: Free agent forward to sign with Capitals?

The former Toronto Maple Leaf may have finally found a new home.

Jamie Sabau

As the offseason winds through August, the fate of free agent Mikhail Grabovski has remained one of the biggest questions in the NHL.

Grabovski clearly wants to stay in the NHL after his buy out by the Maple Leafs, since truckloads of rubles would have been unloaded on his doorstep had he a real desire to play in the KHL. He's clearly feeling the brunt of having trashed his former coach, Randy Carlyle, for playing him on the third and fourth lines, a terrible fit for a player like Grabovski.

It appears the Belarus native may have finally found a place to play in 2013-14. According to a report by a TV station in Belarus, Grabovski will sign with the Washington Capitals. Now, that may seem a little dubious, but check out these tweets from two more... let's say "mainstream" sources of hockey news.

Caps fans may be somewhat pleased with the idea of him joining their favorite club, with Japers' Rink writing back in July about the possibility.

Grabovski spent the last five seasons in Toronto. His best season came in 2010-11, when he put up 29 goals and 58 points. However, his point production dipped in a lessened role during 2012-13. He scored only nine goals and 16 points. His role on the team led him to the, er, less than pleasant divorce from the Leafs this off-season.

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