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NHL All-Star Game could go to Phoenix, Bettman says

The NHL All-Star Game is an event that could be coming to Glendale in the near future.

Gregory Shamus

While the NHL no longer has operational control over the Phoenix Coyotes, the league is still willing to give the franchise a hand. Commissioner Gary Bettman stated on Tuesday that the league was planning on bringing the All-Star Game to Glendale in the near future.

There is no specific date planned at this time, but Bettman expressed that it was a commitment the league was interested in honoring, via the twitter feed of Sarah McLellan:

"We're going to do that at some point," Bettman said. "I don't know what the date is yet but it'll be our pleasure to honor a commitment to bring the All-Star Game here."

Looking ahead, the NHL will be without an All-Star Game during the 2013-14 season because of the Winter Olympics. In addition, the Columbus Blue Jackets were scheduled to host the 2012-13 star-studded exhibition but were unable to because of the lockout. This means Columbus is likely to host the 2014-15 All-Star Game, making 2015-16 the first available spot for Glendale.

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