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NHL will not ban spinorama from the shootout

The controversial move will remain legal for at least another season.


A lot of people have an opinion about players using the famed spinorama in the shootout. There are opponents of it who say that the move breaks the rules of players having to be making continues forward progress. They think it's unfair to the goaltenders. Those on the side of the move point out that the shootout messes with the integrity of a National Hockey League game anyway and, by the way, it still looks really cool.

Either way, there are some powerful people in the game who want the move outlawed within the confines of the skills competition. NHL general managers wanted it gone, but the league won't be getting rid of it, at least not this season. The pushback came from the National Hockey League Players Association, as most players think the move adds entertainment value.

In fact, it appears the issue may be dead for a the time being.

Mike Murphy, the NHL's Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, told that he isn't sure if the general managers will review the topic again in the near future.

"I would say it's put to bed for a few years," Murphy said.

NHL rules state that, while the puck must be kept in continues motion toward the opponent's goal line, that the spinorama is legal, as it keeps the puck in continuous motion.