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NHL to host 4 or 5 outdoor games in 2014-15, according to report

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The NHL is open to hosting four or five outdoor games in 2014-15.

Patrick McDermott

The NHL will hold four or five outdoor games during the 2014-15 regular season, according to Chris Botta of the Sports Business Journal on Friday afternoon. Botta cites a source who states that the league will have the Winter Classic, three stadium series games, and potentially another Heritage Classic.

The NHL is scheduled to hold six outdoor games at five locations during the 2013-14 season. New York's Yankee Stadium will host two games, both of which involve the New York Rangers. If the league is to host outdoor games at five locations in 2014-15, that means the NHL would essentially remain consistent with their total from this season and that it might be a number they shoot for in future seasons.

As of Friday morning, the Washington Capitals are expected to formally announce that the franchise will be hosting the 2015 Winter Classic. The opponent and venue of that event has not yet been determined, according to reports.

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