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Here are Team Canada's Olympic jerseys

Let's slap some golden maple leafs on a t-shirt!


In some ways, perhaps it's good that Nike -- supplier of the Olympic jerseys for the various hockey-playing nations -- doesn't go all-out, "Oregon" style on them. That said, you'd think they could try a little harder on Team USA and Canada's sweaters.

A poster on Reddit revealed all three jerseys that Canada will be sporting at the Sochi Games in February. Much like Team USA, Canada's jerseys are either too simplistic, too busy, or have way too many stars splattered all over it. Also, am I the only one who thinks these things look way too much like oversized college sweatshirts?

You'd almost pay to see what Nike could come up with for the US and Canada (or better yet, Sweden and Finland) if they went nuts, again, similar to how the company conducts science experiments on the University of Oregon every football season. It beats the lazy, half-hearted stylings they've used for what will be the best part of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Seriously, someone tell what the deal with all the stars is.

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