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Gary Bettman salary: NHL commissioner earned $8.3 million in 2011-12

The Sports Business Journal learned that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman earned a slight raise in 2011-12.

Jonathan Daniel

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman earned more than $8.3 million in salary and benefits for the 2011-12 season, according to Chris Botta of the Sports Business Journal. Botta attained the information via the NHL's publicly available tax filing for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2012.

Bettman received a base salary of $6,395,521, which was augmented by $1,816,628 in 'other compensation,' $65,795 in deferred payment and $28,800 in benefits. By comparison, Bettman's compensation for the 2010-11 season was $7.98 million and was $3.7 million during the lockout-cancelled season of 2004-05, meaning, the league has experienced progressive growth over the years.

In addition, Botta included the salaries of other top level NHL officers including deputy commissioner Bill Daley ($3.26 million), chief operating officer John Collins ($2.9 million) and hockey operations head Colin Campbell ($1.6 million).

Botta also touched on the state of the league's financial landscape, via Sports Business Journal:

On the whole, the league posted a loss for its business of $3.6 million for 2011-12, versus a loss of $14.8 million the previous season. Expenses rose from $103.9 million to $106.0 million, while revenue increased from $89.1 million to $102.5 million. One source said factors such as club dues, interest on loans and royalty payments to NHL Enterprises are among the elements that affect the league finances annually.

(hat-tip: Second City Hockey)

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