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Kings vs. Red Wings: Nicklas Kronwall scores game-tying goal off the netting

The goal shouldn't have counted, but the Red Wings got the win anyway.

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Nicklas Kronwall scored a game-tying goal in the dying seconds against the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday in the most insane and illegal way possible.

We've seen goals scored off the glass before, but never before has a player scored a goal off the netting. That's because once a puck hits the netting, the play is supposed to be ruled dead.

Or, at least, if the referees see it hit the netting. In this case they didn't. With 26 seconds left and the Wings down by a goal, Kronwall's blast from the point deflected off a stick and off the netting before falling into the net behind Jonathan Quick.


Here's full video of the play:

Keep in mind that plays like this are not reviewable. But you can bet that will come up at the next GM meetings. In the end, the Red Wings managed to tie the game and eventually win 3-2 in a shootout.

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