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NHL will reduce number of Stadium Series games in 2015

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Minnesota, Colorado and Montreal are potential host cities.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

From the moment it was announced, the scope of the Coors Light NHL Stadium Series faced criticism from fans and media alike. Four outdoor games in addition to the annual Winter Classic seemed like overexposure for what is a fun event once a year.

The league seems to agree. NHL Chief Operating Officer John Collins told reporters on Saturday that the Stadium Series will include "definitely less than six" games in 2015. He also indicated that Minnesota, Colorado and Montreal are all possible future host cities. None of those cities has hosted an outdoor NHL game, though all three would make ideal cold-weather venues. Y'know, unlike Los Angeles.

The 2014 iteration of the Stadium Series begins Saturday in L.A. and will continue with a game in Chicago and two games New York.

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