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Bat scares Craig Anderson during Canadiens vs. Senators game

There's a Gary Batman joke in here somewhere.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Bell Centre is one of hockey's most prestigious arenas. The Montreal Canadiens' history, the raucous atmosphere and the building's charm attract fans from all over the continent.

It also apparently attracts bats.

One of Dracula's little pets interrupted the proceedings between the Habs and Ottawa Senators on Saturday, making a grand entrance during the national anthem.

It wasn't done, returning for a curtain call and causing a delay just 13 seconds into the game.

Where's Manu Ginobili when you need him? Apparently not in the Senators' net:

(Craig) Anderson was amused and joked that he was "going to try to catch it."

But he was only joking. He didn't want it hanging around.

"Not scared, just a little anxious," he said. "I saw it, I just didn't know how far it was going to come.

"It was one of those things, where it sees a perch on my shoulder - and it's not exactly a friend I want perching on my shoulder."

So the guy on the ice with the mask, huge paddle and the most padding was afraid of a bat. I'm sure that's exactly what Senators fans wanted to hear.

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