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Dallas Stars forward hit an opponent in the nuts and nobody noticed it

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Over the weekend, Ryan Garbutt of the Dallas Stars got away with a nut shot on Derek Roy of the Predators.

Antoine Roussel is the resident pest of the Dallas Stars. It's not surprising when he goes a little off the handle, and he did just that in the third period of Dallas' game against the Nashville Predators on Saturday night.

Roussel had just come out of the penalty box on an unsportsmanlike conduct call, and he was skating into the Nashville end with the puck. Preds defenseman Shea Weber stepped up and absolutely plowed Roussel into the boards ... and as you might imagine, the hot-headed Roussel didn't like that very much.

But did you miss something there? We all did -- including the officials who wound up sending only Roussel to the box for two and a 10 minute misconduct. Look closely.

garbutt nut shot

Ryan Garbutt completely got away with a nut shot on Derek Roy, and he got away with it because his teammate decided to simultaneously go after Weber for delivering a legal hit.

Nashville won the game, 4-1, but presumably will remember the whole unsolicited nut shot thing.

h/t Marc Torrence