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Did Cory Schneider score a butt goal on himself?

Important question: Does this count as a butt goal?


Joel Ward's goal in the third period on Thursday night to give the Washington Capitals a 5-2 lead over the New Jersey Devils was the 80th of his NHL career. It's a good bet that none of the previous 79 were as weird as this one.

As Ward skated with the puck across the New Jersey blue line, he fired an innocent looking shot that took a crazy bounce off the glass. From there, it bounced off the back of Cory Schneider's skate and slowly rolled across the line as he helplessly fell to the ice.

That is some mighty fine puck luck for Mr. Ward.

But the real question here is whether or not this qualifies as Butt Goal v. 2.0.

Does the puck get its final push across the line because it bounced off of Schneider's backside? Or was the puck already safely across the line by the time Schneider's butt made contact?

These are the important questions in today's NHL, people. And it's up to you to decide.