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Another Maple Leafs jersey gets thrown on the ice

Angry fans have resorted to throwing their jersey on the ice during games. Why are you doing this?

Jersey throwing seems to be all the rage in the NHL these days for disgruntled fans that are tired of the lousy play from their favorite team.

It started in Edmonton last season and seems to be spreading to Toronto this season. For the second time this season (and remember, the season isn't even two weeks old yet and the Maple Leafs came into the game having won two in a row) somebody decided to take a very expensive piece of merchandise and throw it on the ice in some sort of protest. It's an odd protest because the team already has your money from purchasing the jersey, and will get more of your money after you inevitably purchase a new one to replace the one you threw on the ice. Way to stick it to the man.

The Maple Leafs were down at the time, 4-1, against the Detroit Red Wings.

At least the Maple Leafs fans have yet to make the same mistake somebody in Edmonton made last week when an Oilers fan throw a sweatshirt on the ice and forgot to remove their cell phone from the pocket.

GIF via @MyRegularFace